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Traveling DGS

As a fellow creative I am constantly inspired by my peers in the journaling community. I love seeing what everyone else is doing and what the latest trends are. I am so fortunate to have such an amazing space on the internet, full of creative amazing friends.

I am excited to announce the start of the traveling DGS Bujo. What is this you ask? It is a notebook that will travel around the US giving willing participants a chance to document and inspire each other. If you wish to sign up this is how it will work.

You'll receive an email when it's your turn to let you know the notebook is on the way. In this email you'll have the address for the person you'll be responsible for sending the notebook to after your entry. You'll have two weeks to create your creative entry and send it to the next person. EACH PERSON will get two pages to be as creative as you'd like. Tell us a story. Share who you are. HAVE FUN!

When it's time for you to pass it on you will be required to send the notebook in a small priority box to the next person. The boxes are FREE at any post office, you just pay the shipping cost. The notebook HAS to be sent priority. THIS IS NOT OPTIONAL. This is so we can keep track of where the notebook is at all times. Before you send it off you'll need to send me a photo of the package so I can verify you sent it & the tracking number. I will be responsible for contacting the next person in line and letting them know it's on the way.

If this is not something you can do then please do not sign up. It may be a while before you receive the notebook so please keep that in mind. I will contact you in advance to make sure you're still wanting to participate.

You can use the #travelingDGS so we can all follow along and see who has it and where it's going. You can include your instagram handles in your creative spread so we can tag each other and encourage one another. :)

*open to US Participants only at this time.


Where is the #travelingDGS?

Currently 12/9/21: Connecticut


  1. Lisa-Marie Bellmore
  2. Candice Smith
  3. Justina Leigh Danner
  4. Dana Shreve
  5. Jennifer Rice
  6. Stephanie Tulio
  7. Liana Yorke
  8. Debbie Opon-Robles
  9. Kim M.
  10. Kary Shannon
  11. Wendy Brown
  12. Paula Shostek
  13. Laci Comer
  14. Michelle McClimon Powell
  15. Gudrun Stone
  16. Holly Caldwell
  17. Kristin Cortright
  18. Lakeita Clarkson
  19. Christine Rodriguez
  20. Elaine Peters
  21. Harmony Johnson
  22. Joan Bryant
  23. Zinnia Rose
  24. Kaitlyn Sevilla
  25. Charlotte Hannon
  26. Gena Gompert
  27. Andrea Rae-ellis
  28. Becky Bobbitt
  29. Alessandra Paola Barrett
  30. Shelby Ingle
  31. Cara Law
  32. Anna Karen
  33. Hannah Payne-Syers