Current Processing Time: 5-7 Business Days.


*THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE TRANSIT TIME. Please plan accordingly*


Since starting school back in September my business has been on the back burner so I can fully focus on my family and education. Since orders have slowed tremendously and I don't have time to release new products as frequently as I did. I have decided to close my website and move all my inventory to Etsy. It will be much easier to keep the business open on a platform that does everything for you. 

I will keep my website open through January 31st and offer you a 40% discount on all inventory. After that everything will be moved to Etsy. If you have rewards points you'd like to use please use them by January 31st. :)

Thank you for for your continuous support after all these years in business and following me no matter where I choose to be on the internet. 🖤